Twenty-One Years Ago Yesterday

* brandy really kicks in *

Twenty-one years ago yesterday, I published my first webpage. MindfulWebworks has been a thing since. Not much of a thing, but a thing. The web's best-kept secret, as I like to say.

In the last month... website and hardware problems.

My web host said my database was 2x the size limit. They shut down my site.

What, I said? Looks like 1/2 the limit to me.

Oh, said techies, that wasn't the problem - you have too many records.

What, I said? That wasn't in the rules! How does that affect anything?

Oh, never mind, they said, it's the connection string. You can pay for our techies to fix that.

Whatever. $30 later, the website is back up, but I have no clue what went wrong in the first place, nor whether it might happen again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the 2yo tablet has decided I don't need touchscreen, speakers, or other basic functions. Hardware meltdown. That was my main life support.

And now, the ol' XP desktop, so important to me, has taken to freezing up randomly. Could be fine for hours. Could lock up during bootup. Looks like a RAM problem.

Basically, this old mindfulguy is out of the webworking business for the time being. With no other side of the time being in sight.

Interesting times.