Unforeseen problems with legalized marijuana market?

Unforeseen problems with legalized marijuana market? Whooda thunkit?

Poncie Rutsch (seriously?) on NPR.org, c/o Drudge

Variable potency in buds means edible pot products' effects are unpredictable...


"...As THC levels climb, the levels of cannabidiol, or CBD, have been declining. That's problematic for medicinal marijuana users since it is more often associated with medical benefits than THC."


They've only begun testing for contaminants - "traces of butane... Bacteria and fungi...." [possibilities of] "E. coli or Salmonella...."

Meh. I remember spiderwebs in the pipe, gad that was awful. I also found a big piece of wood in a "health food" packaged pot (not that kind of pot) pie one time. Contamination happens; you try to minimize it.

It's treated like a smoke, like tobacco, on which health regs are low, but it's also sold as food & bev, yet it's not really being regulated and tested as such. (I guess chewin' tabaccy is sorta in that same category.)

One of the main arguments for legalization of drugs is so consumers can know what they're getting, at least as much as with any other product. Hard to believe, but not all black marketeers are quality-conscious. So, this is being sorted out; all to the good. There's probably already a "pot consumer's reports" website.

Who cares? Jus' pass me dat ol' spliff of Jamaican Red, Ziggy! (I saw some Red once, last millenium. It was red.)