Video Revolutionaries

I'm so glad Klavan and Whittle are in this Truth Revolt group. When they were with PJ Media, their videos were exclusive to members, and I had to wait for them to leak out later on YouTube. Sunny got in a similar situation with Daily Caller, and I quit tracking her videos. (Just noting that her last one, posted to YouTube six months ago, made passing mention of Liberal Psychological Projection, since we had been talking about that here.)

I very much appreciate all attempts to "monetize" while messaging, but since no one drops any change in the webworker's guitar case, I can't "afford" them, so I just don't watch them. I know nothing about Truth Revolt, but it seems they're doing this right. I may dislike YouTube (because Google r evil), but it's accessible, and importantly for me also downloadable. Putting videos behind membership or pay walls and on proprietary players just isn't The Way of The Web anymore. (Never was.)

Which reminds me, wonder what's going on with Granny Jan? She hasn't produced a video in 3 months. Her sense of humor was inspiring to me.

End random ruminating. Imagine some wise wrap-it-all-up closing sentence goes here.