Wait, We Can Pass Off Pix of Ourselves at 25??

Wait, we can pass off pix of ourselves at 25?? I've got one around here from When I Looked Kewl... four decades ago....

Hi, y'all. Just checking in briefly as usual lately, to keep my online persona copyrighted.

Daughter insisted on treating Milady & me to see Dr Strange in 3D tonight. Thank you, dear daughter!

1. It was maybe the 3rd 3D movie I've seen. Last one was Spy Kids 3D when our kids were still kids. Previously was when I was younger than our kids are now -- um, what was it? The Stewardesses (X)? -- which story I think I related in comments long ago. Ah, yes, here it is from last Feb 1:

2. Glad to have seen Strange in 3D -- if I MUST go out and mingle with The Public, instead of the comfort of my own home set-up where I can break anytime for beer or bathroom, at least it's for something I can't get at home - 3D & mighty big screen. First time in a theater since Capt America the first one.

3. I know Ace insists that we must boycott Marvel-DC-Disney-Time-Warner-CNN-ABC Conglomerated, but, but... Doctor Strange! My formative yout' experience was largely shaped by that Great Moralist, Steve Ditko, and I was glad to see him get a credit - wonder if he gets a dime from this.

4. All the comic book superduper movies & tv shows are so rushed! Ditko took, like, a year, from an initial battle with Mordo, passing through many psychedelic dimensions, until Strange's big showdown with Dormammu. Build the suspense, weave the story, develop the character... no, none of that, just slam bam thank ye ma'am. Well, have to appeal to the Tweet-attention-span generation I guess.

Guess I'd better end here before I have an almost Ace-lengthy flick review.