War on Religion 1 of 3

chrissy > "Pete usually takes the week-ends off" - yeah, that's what I was thinking. Well, then, some "Sunday" fare I've been thinking about.

Even a faithless, unchurched, heretic heathen like me can see pretty clearly that, along with the rest of the War on Truth, Justice, and the American Way, there is throughout the world a serious ramp-up in the war on real faith, churches in general, and Christianity in particular.

One more relatively small but all too common example: "A school board in Georgia voted Tuesday night to remove or cover up Bible verses on a controversial monument that was recently installed near a district-owned football field."

(The Blaze, c/o Weasel Zippers)

The "controversial" quote, to which "at least two atheist activist groups" objected — did it call for stoning witches? did it speak of raining hellfire on Sodomites? did it call for beheading of unbelievers?

It reads: "If God be for us."

Oooo!!!!11!! That's pretty offensive, all righty. (Petty grievance lawfare; we hates it. The problem here is compounded by the government running the schools in the first place — but I digress….)

Then there's that big fat target in Christianity, you know, that Vatican-centered sect. (Continued…)