What a buncha punk rabblerousers!

What a buncha punk rabblerousers! Without Ben, they'd've been totally lost. Well, okay, George was a big help. And Paul, I suppose. And a couple of Toms.... actually: Dang! What a cast of characters!

A succinct but savory post, friend Maetenloch!

Also, do I do a happy dance that I'm not on the wall of shame, or do I get the shoulders of slump because it reflects how little time I get to hang around the commentariat lately?

Why not both!?! The Slampy Huppy Dance!



Part of an ongoing project:
4. Pretense - the purposeless prayer of the proud President (2:10)


An early edit, not posted "public," nor on my website. Just for m'frenz. Parts 1-3 linked in the vid's description.

Part 5 wouldn't upload, due, so I gather, to my lack of comprehension of WTF I'm really doing trying to smash videos together with my Primitive Sledgehammers of Editing. I'll sleep on it and then start some new concussive maintenance techniques in the morning.


Good night, Gracies!