What Causes Problems With Invasion/Immigration

What causes problems with invasion/immigration is complex and compound. Welfare state, minimum wage, business over-regulation, work visa and visitor visa unfairness and enforcement or lack thereof, failing e-verify, on and on. The whole tangle of socialist influence, largely.

But to look at just one select angle...

In the latest Intellectual Froglegs video, Joe Dan had two clips, one of Cruz, one of his boy Trump, asked the same question, would you deport parents of anchor babies (been a few days since I watched it, but I think I have this right).

Cruz did not answer directly - talked about various approaches to handling the matter of invaders/immigrants generally. Trump outright answered, yes, deport them. Joe Dan, sadly, was giddy over this. (I like Joe Dan, but....)

Well, that looks simple on the surface, but...

If you have immigrants naturalized, their under-age kids, presumably, become citizens, right? But, if you have under-age kids naturalized, that doesn't reflect back up to the parents. So, there's a real problem created there, with parents who ought to be deported, but the baby can stay.


So, the whole anchor-baby law is a snake pit that should never have been dug, but it is the law, it seems. What can be done now, about not breaking up families but not deporting child-citizens?

I've got no answer. Just acknowledging the mess, and wondering what the brainiacs here think.

No wonder Cruz didn't want to step into that crap trap.