What Was Engineered in the Long Haul

Feh: "Part of the problem is the feeling that deportation is unfeasible. Another feeling is that it's unAmerican. A third feeling is that white America is dying."

eman (not in reply, I don't think, but applied by me as reply): "This is not something that just sort of happened; it was engineered."

What was engineered in the long haul was an electorate basing their decisions on "feelings," as Feh illustrates. Extremely confused feelings ungrounded by intellect, values, or faith.

Don't know anything that can be done about it, at any level other than living and preaching faith, values, and intelligent reflection. Which ironically can only be done by making a stronger appeal to feelings by truth than by the lies.

They may play the long game. I'd bet the Spirit of Truth plays the longer game.