What's with all the gloomy Gusses?

What's with all the gloomy Gusses?

Did you folks think Liberty defends herself? Did you miss History?

So, we're in a war. Not fun: we might suffer (have suffered) some losses, we might have to leave our comfy chairs, raise our voices (and "pitchforks"), pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. What did you have to do in this life that was more important? Why did you think God gave you the greater truth, showed you the Washingtons and Jeffersons, blessed you with the Declaration, and the Constitution, and He who died so inspiringly? Were we given these powerful weapons just to gripe because it's not happening now, or, to fight to secure the future for our posterity?

You don't have to like the battle to glory in the righteousness of the struggle. Be enthusiastic! Prove worthy. No despair, no Concern, no Debbie Downers. Joyous, positive, enthusiastic, and ready to stand for American values.

Remind me of this tomorrow, when my mood flips, okay?