What's Wrong With This Picture?

Okay, what's wrong with this picture?

On Monday evening a family in Chesterfield County, Virginia was on their property waving large Confederate flags as motor vehicles passed them by on the rural divided highway they live off of.

The family says a man pulled in their driveway, got out of his SUV, pulled a gun, chambered a round and then pointed the gun at the father's head. After mouthing off the gunman got back in his SUV and drove away without firing a shot.

The family was out the next day waving the flag on their property. A suspect was arrested Tuesday...

And what's even wronger with this picture?

A family in Austell, Georgia that flew several Confederate and U.S. flags on their property says a man drove by their house twice one day this week, each time pointing a gun at their teen-aged grandson. Police advised the family to take down their flags. They complied. No suspect has been identified or arrested.

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