When the appointed authorities do not enforce the law

When the appointed authorities do not enforce the law, people rise up and enforce it themselves.

The current massive illegal immigration invasion, abetted rather than opposed by many levels of government, is currently a cold war we are losing. Terrible imbalances in our laws and failures of enforcement have created this situation. Solutions will create or fan long-standing resentments and divisions. But this cannot continue.

If the people take it upon themselves to make this war hot, take up arms to begin defending the country against the invaders, the bloodshed will prove terrible, with many innocents affected, as ever in war, but the tide could be turned, and relatively quickly, if the allure of emigration to the USA is associated with the plain threat of death.

I would hate to see it. There may still be better ways. But such vigilantism is just what happens when law fails.

Otherwise, if the will of the people fails, we just lose.