Who Needs Alcohol to Destroy the Brain

Didja ever find yourself reading an Ace treatise, and partway through you start drifting over into the sidebar? Did you ever find yourself not doing that?

So I wandered off into the WeirdZone on YouTube. This and that which shouldn't exist or you won't believe or whatever. Managed to extricate myself by clicking on a Natl Geographic show on UFOs. 45 minutes of "how would a flying saucer work"? No, thanks.

After which, I see what's up on AoS and find the ONT. With an extra-dose-of-stupid video. Good to see that those two black guys on the porch in a video months ago aren't the only ones too stupid to figure out the 80mph question. Diversity!

And if you go to the 80mph gals video's page on YouTube, the sidebar has lots more how-stupid-are-we videos.

Who needs alcohol to destroy the brain when we have our fellow citizens?

Morons, I loves ya, because I know 99% of you are not the burning stupid. Where else can say that. (If you're wondering who the 1% is, it's probably you.)