Whoa, a $50!

But seriously, in my wayward yute, I once was in this nudie bar, with not many guys there, so I had a kind of private stage, watching a rather nice-looking lass wiggle and strut, as not-happy-looking as a runway model, distant and into her role.

I proceeded to tip her a $5 (I was no cheap $1 guy!) when I noticed a $50 in her collection, and I commented, "Whoa, a $50!"

She immediately dropped out of character, stopped wiggling, smiled, and became like my sister cousin or something, all personable and real, while utterly unselfconscious about her nudeness. "I know!" she exclaimed, and talked about how some guy dropped that on her.

It was funny. I never could get into the eroticism of such places because that would happen. They were all like my sister cousins.

And I do have a young first cousin once removed who was a nude dancer, before she served in the army in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Mechanic in the motor pool. Wasn't actually in combat, but faster on the draw than many of the guys. Um.. never saw her "dance."

Good night, Gracies.