Wild Chicago

Ha! Great post to read because... I'm in Chicago this week! Milady's eldest brother died, day before yesterday, and we'll be staying 'til the weekend's memorials.

I haven't been here for a decade. Don't quite have my "Big City" braincells going yet, and may not before we leave. Had to ramp up my "insane road rally" mind to drive into the city, though. Some things are nicer. Most things are worse, and that goes double (or more) for the traffic.

Can't believe we lived here for fifteen years! We were so young and foolish 'way back in '80.

Certainly a different mind-set than home. Gotta watch my tongue!

Especially liked the last Cubs victory parade poster!

...Told his friends "You know the law of averages says:
Anything will happen that can"
That's what it says
"But the last time the Cubs won a National League pennant
Was the year we dropped the bomb on Japan"

-Steve Goodman, A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request