Yay! for many good blogs!

The URL has an underscore character at the beginning. Try this. PoliNation has its own character, not HillBuzz's; each is unique, but with many of the same good qualities (no surprise). For me, there is no "competition" -- well, except for overall time: As I've followed one blog to another, it does take me longer than ever to skim through all my favorites, and I don't get to half as many as I'd like, but: Yay! for many good blogs! (Didn't Kevin even recommend that, 'way back when?) What I wouldn't know without everybody digging out the news, and mulling ideas, is encyclopedic! Linkage is the revolution against the LaughingStock Media tyranny.

I'm a relative newcomer here, but let me add my pathetically devalued US$0.02: "Paint drying" seems kinda harsh. HillBuzz has its ups & downs, like recent weather -- sometimes deluge, sometimes drought. Some posts spark much discussion, some less. Certainly without Kevin's contributions, it's different, in bad ways (yeah, Kevin's brand of fire on certain topics is missed) and good (we get to see what the "substitute" staff does, and that's been admirable in so many ways).

I've reviewed some of the discussion elsewhere about HB, and Kevin, including copies of threads now gone from HB. Sometimes the character of HillBuzz morphs and the community undergoes mitosis (which is growth, the basis of evolution, and only possible with cells with highly-organized nucleii -- strain that metaphor!). I've been impressed, in the site since I've been following it, and in older pages, by the sustained quality of character, genuine kindness, and sense of community of most HB commenters. Obviously, this has somewhat to do with the moderators' discretion, but they can only moderate away the chaff; the good grains had to be there or there'd be nothing left.

And now, if I may, back to the Spirit of '76: TOSS 'EM ALL OUT NOW, STARTING WITH THE PSYCHOPATH IN CHIEF! Have a 4th!