Yeah, so?

"...some guy decided to carry openly in a kiddie park, a park that used to have a sign saying No Firearms - just walk among the kids strapped..."

That sounds so funny to those who think, "Yeah, so?"

Down here in Oklahoma, wasn't that long ago (to this ol' phart) that pretty much any man, and many a woman, would feel naked without a sidearm or longarm within reach. In fact, my neighbor doesn't go out on the rider mower to the edges of the wild, without his pistol because rattlers, among other targets. A rabid skunk or sick coyote is rare, but not rare enough. It's not like overbearing government agents and other criminal thugs are the only threat. Country life.

City-fication is a mental disease: Maybe Doc - Carlson? Carson? prayer breakfast scold-Obama dude - maybe he's right about gun rights voided in urban areas, 'cause, practically by definition, you have to be crazy to live there.... (jokes the guy who lived 14 years in Chicago).

Not that carryin' folks won't use 'em on each other, of course, as I'm always reminded by the grave here on our farm - young punk died in an angry shoot-out back in the olde dayes. Classic story. I'll have to track down my grandfather's telling and post it some morning.