You Probably Still Won't Understand, But

...I dont understand this hatred of the film from the time they announced they were going to make it.

You probably still won't understand, but...

1. It's a remake of a classic, always fodder for negative anticipation.

2. It's a "let's put wimmen in the men's roles" switcheroo, for no reason other than to do so, likewise fodder for ridicule.

3. It's Hollywood 2016 with nobody as big-name as Ackroyd or Murray. Why expect anything good?

It may actually turn out to be funny, somewhat - I'll watch it when it's "available" maybe, out of curiosity, and I'll try to compartmentalize the remake/feminize/ripoff aspects so as to see it as its own thing - but I have low expectations. But, then, I watched GB2 and even some of the cartoons when the kids were young. Slimer! Hahaha, huh, kids!