Your Imbedded YouTubes

Hey, Maet, I've mentioned this before... I'll just elaborate this once more and after this leave it alone...

Re: Your imbedded YouTubes

I run Opera browser with javascript and plug-ins off.

On every other site, and on all AoS posts except yours, imbedded YouTubes show up with a black square and a "something's wrong" message, but that has a link to YouTube which I can copy for downloading the video. (I prefer to download than live stream because my own reasons, ok?)

On your embeds, though, I get an empty space. I have to turn on javascript and plug-ins, re-load the page, and then start playing the video before I can get the YouTube URL for copying. Then turn off settings again.

I've looked at the source code and darned if I can figure out how it even works (some script) but yours are different than anybody else's.

Maybe it's easier for you this way but it's just one more annoying technical hurdle and hassle for me.

Just my problem, I suppose, and not yours and maybe nobody else's. But FTR.