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Radical Incline

Nothing else left to run on


If you're not sure what this is about, watch the video playlist
Berserk! 2018 Dec 29

Best of Spirits

And best wishes for a new year

Nothing new for Christmas this year. Some links to old seasonal webworks.

Egg Elfs

Journey to Bethlehem — A simple trip to pay the taxes becomes a life-or-death nightmare for a new family. A cartoon-illustrated take on the Nativity story.
Santa, Dear Friends — For those who may have come to doubt the old elf.
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #16 - Christmas — A politically incorrect and culturally inappropriate Christmas show - pop song parodies and original tunes sure to put coal in my stocking.
The Terrible Christmas Song — A cynical song about Santa. Short but sour. (Included in the Webworkshop #16 above.)
Joseph and Mary and the Lonely Birth Narrative — It was a little different than the average Christmas lawn display.
Let Your Aim Be... — do your Christmas shopping early. Filler ad for 1912 Nov 21.

Mindful-featured Other People's Webworks

On Mindful's "Other People's Stuff" blog:

On Mindful's "Other People's Videos" blog:

Christmas! 2018 — Videos of the season, top half of playlist is non-music, latter half is music videos.

And from back when other peoples video playlists were hosted on this site:

Short and Tall Christmas Day Tales — Seasonal video playlist put together back in 2012.
Merry Christmas!

Radical Incline

Another unbeatable Democrat team

Hill!/Max! 2020

Radical Incline

Some fell upon stony places

Cory Booker Chia Head