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Radical Incline

Only the he-manliest of the he-manly need apply.

Probably, you have already seen this promo for Hillary,
using a stock photo of "bearded hipster"
who has also been found on anti-VD ads and tool catalogs:

Original bearded hipster

(Note: It isn't officially from the Hillary folks)

Bearded hipster dude didn't seem manly enough,
so to help the Hillary campaign,
here are these testosterone-dripping variations.

In the bathroom with your daughter man

Gross perv

Famous athlete edition

Eat your Wheaties guy

Joan River's favorite transsexual version

Big biceps First Lady

Manliest of all men variation

He-manliest President

Best of Spirits

With just a shake of the head

Re-rolled to correct Jack's birth year.

Jack spent his early years traveling in a semi. Eventually he settled down with his beloved gal, the webworker's daughter. He spent his last years at the webworker ranchero. A mellow cat who got along with everyone, although sometimes he appointed himself the policeman to keep other cats from misbehaving. When he finally faded from the world, he was in the arms of his beloved gal.

The Art of

They'll be coming back for seconds!

Some people think "gluten free" is weird enough…

Rice Flour box

This certainly doesn't improve the image:

Rice Flour box


Radical Incline

No matter how much you may want to forget them!