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Just try to keep up

c-d-c     F
She's two thoughts ahead of you

In everything you do

You think you're teaching her

You find out she's been teaching you

When you think you've got her figured out

She turns around
And the woman you thought you knew so well

Is nowhere to be found

She's a mystery
   Bb7                    F    C
An actress of the first degree
c-d-c     F
She's two steps ahead of you

Whenever you're on the go

When you wonder where you're heading

That's when she lets you know.

You think she's drifting off

She gives you that smile
And you know that she was teasing you

All the while

She's nobility
   Bb7                    F    C  F
An actress of the first degree.
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop Episode #10, 2016 Oct 14.

Best of Spirits

Outside Looking In

No matter what you do, no matter where I am

C                Bb
It isn't easy to settle down
         Ab                 Bb    C
When you see that there's a party going on
C                           Bb
Feel like you're stuck in a little town
       Ab         Bb                   C
When tomorrow the whole world could be gone


   Bb                         C
No matter what I do I get the feeling
   Bb                          C
No matter what you do I got my doubt
No matter where I am I'm on the
Ab      Bb      C
outside looking in
C                Bb
It isn't easy to contemplate
            Ab                Bb              C
When you're used to runnilng 'round and being free
C                             Bb
And even though I know you're really great
           Ab        Bb          C
There's so many fine fish in the sea
C                Bb
It isn't easy to purify
          Ab             Bb       C
When your life is just a terrible bore
C                  Bb
I'm not so easy to satisfy
  Ab                Bb       C
I ask you, is there anything more?
C                Bb
It isn't easy to close your eyes
            Ab           Bb              C
When you're gonna go for that instead of this
C                Bb
It isn't easy to do your thing
         Ab               Bb                  C
When you think of all the things you're gonna miss
C                Bb
It isn't easy to do it all
   Ab            Bb             C
It wouldn't even help if I were cloned
C                    Bb
It isn't easy laying down your pipe
     Ab        Bb               C
When everybody wants to get you stoned
C                Bb
It isn't easy to give up booze
Ab           Bb               C
Even when it starts to do you harm
C                       Bb
When the city's waiting up the road,
       Ab             Bb               C
How ya gonna keep yourself down on the farm?
C                Bb
It isn't easy to not eat pork
         Ab              Bb            C
When you smell the bacon frying in the pan
C                          Bb
And even though you know I love New York New York
    Ab           Bb       C
I'm basically an Oklahoma man

Repeat first verse

Best of Spirits

Mother Teresa Rocks

Getting it together in the service of a rockin' God

I'm a real fast mover,

I'm a real hot rod.

When I get it together,

think of how I'll serve God.

I'm a real hot pistol,

I'm a real go-getter,
In the middle of summer

Got to wear a sweater

'Cause I move so fast
But there's so much needs doin'
Gonna take every bit

of energy of you & me
Every man & woman yup

And every girl & boy

While we're digging in our heels

We will be jumping for joy

Dad's a real fast mover

Needing all of our brain
Doesn't always have time

to stop and explain

Moving faster than light
And if we get on the beam
We're gonna shine on brightly

To ignite the Supreme

(Mother Teresa Rocks!)
By Mindful Webworker and M.J. Clark II.

2016 Sep 23: Performed in Mindful Webworkshop Episode #7

Best of Spirits

That Day I Turned 64

Losing my hair? Maybe in another thirty years!

Mindful Webworker and Majic Clark
cover the Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four
in inimitable fashion.

Visit & subscribe to
Majic Clark's YouTube channel

Recorded 2016 Aug 22
(Webworker's 64th birthday)
at Margaret B's B&B, Tulsa OK.

Apologies to Lennon & McCartney.

Best of Spirits

The Fur Flies - starring Jack the Cat

With just a shake of the head

Re-rolled to correct Jack's birth year.

Jack spent his early years traveling in a semi. Eventually he settled down with his beloved gal, the webworker's daughter. He spent his last years at the webworker ranchero. A mellow cat who got along with everyone, although sometimes he appointed himself the policeman to keep other cats from misbehaving. When he finally faded from the world, he was in the arms of his beloved gal.