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Those three blind mice better watch out! Tales of our pets.

Text, Illustration added on 2021 Apr 28
Subjects: Ony, Charlie (cat), Spirit (cat)
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Regarding medicating cats (which is much more fun topic than others being kicked about tonight)...

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Subjects: Spirit (cat)

Well, dang. Just gave Spirit, the old gray female kitty, a dose of medicine. Didn't mind the bit spilled on my pantsleg.

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Subjects: Spirit (cat)

Late to the Pet Thread again. But here's another pet tail.

If we can't discuss politics here, how can I tell you about how we acquired our cats Bernie and Hillary?

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Subjects: Spark (cat), Spirit (cat)

Morning, Glories!

When I'm preparing the food for my four-legged friends, the four cats all wander around my feet, licking themselves or each other, but anxiously waiting to be fed.

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Subjects: cats, Spirit (cat)

Double d'aawwww!

Milady and I and our three then-young kids took the back way home from town one night. We rarely did so; just decided we wanted the variety.

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Subjects: Spark (cat), Spirit (cat), Fortune (cat)

FINALLY! The nation will re-set itself to God's time, and match the clock in my truck. Will not affect my schedule, which is based on sunrise when cats start yowling to be let out.

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Subjects: Daylight Saving Time, Spirit (cat)
You didn't want to get up anymore, right?
Photo, Remix added on 2013 Nov 17
Subjects: Spirit (cat)

The little gray cat who likes to be outside all the time is looking from the open front door to me & back, as if to say, why are you letting it rain?

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Subjects: Spirit (cat)