Spark and Spirit

Double d'aawwww!

Milady and I and our three then-young kids took the back way home from town one night. We rarely did so; just decided we wanted the variety.

Outside of town, as we turned off the highway, there, just off the side of the side road, I see a small cardboard box, and then see, sitting in front of it, two tiny gray kittens. Plainly thrown out in that box, sitting near it, mewing innocently. In a short time, they'd be roadkill or wild beast food. Of course, we scooped them up and took them home.

As I write this, Spark is sitting on the chair next to me, cleaning himself. He's now the Old Man of our current clowder. His sister Spirit is a mighty hunter, keeps the vermin down, and has the cutest way of standing on her back legs to be petted. Dear old friends.

Almost all our pets over the past two decades have been wander-ups or foundlings. Finding Spark and Spirit by the side of the road like that one day, though, is the second-best how-we-got-them story. "Chance," right? Sure.

Rescuing your cats from the construction site reminds me of the day I happened, quite unusually, to be walking along the highway, and noticed a tiny ball of gray fur blowing underneath a car zooming by. The ball of fur blew into the center lane, stood on its tiny legs, and started hissing. I dodged traffic to get out and pick it up. I was afraid, bloody as it was, that it was doomed, but turned out that brave, tough little kitty just had a cut lip. She was my kitty, Fortune. I sure do miss her. So many dear furry friends gone.

Thanks for sharing story & pix.