Tail of Spark and Spirit

Late to the Pet Thread again. But here's another pet tail.

If we can't discuss politics here, how can I tell you about how we acquired our cats Bernie and Hillary?

Don't think I've told the tale on Ace. Did once last year on Zilla's blog, but it seems to have vanished.

To get home from town, we usually just take the old road, a straight shot south a few miles.

One night, in 2002 or maybe 2003, Milady and I and our daughter took the back way home, even though it was, like, two in the morning. This route involves driving all the way west across town, South down the back highway, then taking the winding road east from there.

As far as we knew, we just decided we wanted to take the scenic route for the variety. Little did we know, it was Fate.

Just past where we turned off the back highway onto the wind-y road, there, on the side of the road, we saw a small cardboard box, on its side, and then saw, sitting in front of the opening, two tiny gray kittens. Plainly, they'd been thrown out in that box, which they sat near, mewing innocently. In a short time, they'd've been roadkill or wild beast food.

Although we already had a slew of cats at home, of course, we scooped them up and took them in.

We're down to "only" four cats at home these days (five total, counting the one in town). Those two faithful and brilliant gray cats are the Old Timers.

She's a delicate creature, although a good hunter, so the local vermin don't think she's so sweet.

He's the most laid-back cat ever, fearless of dogs, even Out of Town Son's two crazy gals when they nose right up to him. We think he thinks he is a dog, sometimes. He and The Dog are often asking to go out or come in together. Like right now, in fact.

I was kidding about the names. He's Spark and she's Spirit.

Here's a picture of Spirit from 2013, causing cat-a-lapsy.