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Sun 2017 Nov 12

Sun 2017 Nov 12, 5:23pm
On PoliNation

I just hit "Like" but it doesn't seem an adequate expression! More like "aghast!" Okay, I "like" Pete's summation. :)

Gal "Woowoo Woman" Godot says she won't do WW2 if some accused guy is on the project.

Some editor at Marvel (or was it DC?) was fired for claims of naughtiness.

Seems t'me I saw three or four other cases in this morning's news feeds. The fires just keep spreading.

That said, if you look closely at Moore's left hand in that picture above, you can clearly see that he's texting while horseback riding. Unfit to serve!!

I hope the polls now are as accurate as they were a year ago for Trump!

Sun 2017 Nov 12, 5:03pm
On PoliNation

"...pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 and he was in his early 30s, episodes they say they found flattering at the time, but troubling as they got older...."

Yeah, there's a Potent Quote!

Next up: thousands of now-mature women claim that they were hit on, molested, forced to do drugs, and to do odd things with naughty bits, by rock-and-roll stars of the 1960s, 70s... 80s... (primarily lead guitarists), but now these grandmothers have repentant groupie sadzness. And lawyers.

Sun 2017 Nov 12, 9:12am
On News of the Weird

One fellow at college flipped out on acid. He didn't want to take it but got talked into it; he did not have good "trip guides"; and in the end his folks had to come collect him, he stayed so messed up. So, you see, it can happen.

The innumerable acid-takers who did not end up in that condition must've been saints. Who knew? Maybe the bar for sainthood was lower in the early 1970s?

The drawing looks like something John Lennon did in his sleep. Or on acid.

Fri 2017 Nov 10

Fri 2017 Nov 10, 10:18am
On Weird Universe

Our low-watt college radio station broadcast on 88.1, bottom of the FM band. Audio for broadcast TV channel 6 is just below that. Old pharts may remember we used to have fine-tuning dials on the TV. If your TV was a bit out of tune, you might pick up our station as the TV ch6 audio.

So my station manager warned me. And, sure enough, one night, I got a call from a local resident complaining about getting our station over the TV and complaining about what I was playing. (I think I was running a theme of rock drug songs and related; this was 1971, not that outrageous.)

I explained about adjusting the tuning on her TV, and she said, she didn't care about the fact we were bleeding over into her Gunsmoke viewing. She just wanted to object to the content!

Okay, that wasn't too related to singing coffee pots, but when the heck else will I ever get a hook to tell my ancient tale? :)

Thu 2017 Nov 9

Thu 2017 Nov 9, 7:02pm
On PoliNation

"The New Democratic Party is Back" ?? WT..?

Makes sense. Like Together again for the first time!

Thu 2017 Nov 9, 4:03pm
On PoliNation



Chrissy, I know your comment was a week ago, but I'm'a gunna reply anyway, because, a hook to hang a webwork on is hard for me to resist, even a week-old one. (1:00 from Apr 2012)

Wed 2017 Nov 8

Wed 2017 Nov 8, 9:50pm
On PoliNation

This idiot's remark not only had me laughing out loud; I had a hard time stopping laughing. I be all like BWAH HAHA HAAAHA HA y'know?

Wed 2017 Nov 8, 9:45pm
On PoliNation

Hey guys! Hey guys! Hey guys! Hey guys!

You know what today is, don't you? Huh? Huh?

That's right!

It's another day that Hillary Clinton is not President.

Wed 2017 Nov 8, 9:38pm
On PoliNation

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Democrat areas vote for Democrats!!! Trump is, like, so totally over. The fish-killer will be handing the Scepter of Presidenting over to Her Hillariness any moment now.

Tue 2017 Nov 7

Tue 2017 Nov 7, 4:57pm
On PoliNation

Donald Trump gets around in a 757 with 24 karet gold plated seat belts.

His plane has a f------ dining room.

Your car won't start and has expired tags.

:D :D That's funny! :D :D

Tue 2017 Nov 7, 4:54pm
On PoliNation

Tom Steyer impeach-Trump ad: Why yank it? Presumably, Fox's well-informed, conservative, fairnbalanced audience isn't going to turn on Trump because some fatcat took out an ad? I say, run a disclaimer around it, but take his money - as much as you can.

Is that wrong? :? ;)

Tue 2017 Nov 7, 4:53pm
On PoliNation

Ha ha! I used [square brackets] instead of angled for italics.

That’s how you can tell an Ace of Spades commenter.

Tue 2017 Nov 7, 4:51pm
On PoliNation

Great post!
[i]Journalists Retell Their Election Night Horror Stories
‘People were throwing up. People were on the floor crying’[/i]

Can’t… stop… giggling…

So… much… winning!!

Fri 2017 Nov 3

Fri 2017 Nov 3, 4:09pm
On Patriot Retorts

"The culture war has shifted and the Left’s dominance is crumbling."

But, remain VIGILANT!

Remember every monster/killer movie ever: Never assume it's dead yet.

Fri 2017 Nov 3, 1:38pm
On Johnny Optimism

I once had a small fly buzz into my ear, but I wasn't sure I ever heard it leave.

Years later, I dug a chunk of wax out of that ear, and there's some odd black something in it.

Maybe just dirt? I didn't do further research, but I remembered the fly.

True story.

Sorry. But, how often could I ever have a hook to tell this story to anybody?


(This strip is always amusing, sometimes disturbing... but in an amusing way. Keep up the Optimism, SJ.)

Thu 2017 Nov 2

Thu 2017 Nov 2, 9:03pm
On PoliNation

Twilight Zone indeed.

Or maybe Cuckoo's Nest.

Wed 2017 Nov 1

Wed 2017 Nov 1, 1:51pm
On Stilton's Place

"...Trump regalia or one of the brightly colored, whip-accessorized Dominatrix From Hell outfits..."

Milady Webworker suggested that Hillz could dress up as the previous President.

Of course, this would involve either blackface or that mask the rodeo clown got fired over. But it's okay because she's Hillary.

Mon 2017 Oct 23

Mon 2017 Oct 23, 12:58pm
On Patriot Retorts

Great work on the Village Idiots.

Sun 2017 Oct 22

Sun 2017 Oct 22, 11:58am
On Patriot Retorts

Alas, I won't be able to make it to any of the Screaming MeMe gatherings.

Is it enough if I sit on my own front porch and make helpless armpit pharts to the sky?

Just got caught up on a few days' worth of Patriot Retorts. Can the Leftist-Commie lunatics be all bad if they can inspire such fiery wit? :)

Sat 2017 Oct 21

Sat 2017 Oct 21, 11:58am
On PoliNation

Weensteen/Hitlery as Jabba/slave Leia was so horrifying, it overwhelms whatever the caption was.

A wonderful, mild, breezy, partly-sunny day here in NE Okla. The leaves on the big oak out front are all edged in brown and losing their luster - one good cold night and all those leaves will be on the ground.

Nice time of year. But, I'm really not prepared for Winter. (Checks calendar to see how long 'til the Solstice.)