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Wed 2018 Mar 28

Wed 2018 Mar 28, 12:00am
On PoliNation

Waiting for Snopes to fact-check this article in 3… 2…

Thu 2018 Mar 22

Thu 2018 Mar 22, 6:38pm
On PoliNation

Not that it wasn't something Rockefeller mighta thought! ;)

Thu 2018 Mar 22, 9:53am
On PoliNation

Yeah, I really needed these. I've been feeling the years lately. Problems of health, finance, family. At least I still have my… what was I saying?

I try to remember to stay thankful, so the Almighty doesn't get too fed up with the constant begging, whining, and faithless, fearful freaking out that passes for prayer for me.

Wed 2018 Mar 21

Wed 2018 Mar 21, 5:17pm
On PoliNation

Wow. I'm throwing the "doubtful" flag on that Rockefeller quote. (Not bothering to search on it, though. I'm that lazy.) (Busy. I meant busy.)

Of course, I'd be doubtful of ol' LBJ's classic remark about keeping the ni@@ers voting Democrat except it's apparently true.

Tue 2018 Mar 20

Tue 2018 Mar 20, 10:23am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Heh. Deer snowplows.

Down here in NE Oklahoma, our local deer pack is nibbling on green shoots. All the trees are budding out. Bradford pears already flowering. Crocuses blooming. We've had a little rain this week to take the edge off the drought (barely), more in the forecast, but never had a serious snow this winter.

Oh. Uh. Snow is nice, too, though, as I recall. :D


Our nice winter doesn't mean we can't have a week of arctic temperatures, ice storms, and a couple feet of snow in April. All depends on the wind direction.

Then there's the whirlwinds.

Happy Vernal Equinox.

Sun 2018 Mar 18

Sun 2018 Mar 18, 2:20pm
On PoliNation

I don't have TV sources. If I see anything from the LaughingStock Media, it's some clip uploaded by Mark Dice or someone. Most of the news celebrities are names I barely know.

I also don't tweet nor twit but see only what folks link to in tweetville.

What I like in the tweets above is the levelness of the playing field. Whatever some ABCBNBSCNN overpaid minion blithers, there's hearty countering retorts galore (at least until Twitter bans 'em). Zzzzing!

Sun 2018 Mar 18, 10:43am
On Comics Curmudgeon

*grumble* (looks around for edit button)

as they stand their there...!!


Sun 2018 Mar 18, 10:41am
On Comics Curmudgeon

Daily reader, rare commenter here (CCComments is so busy). Had to chime in because...

Hi & Lois: Well! I certainly didn't expect you to go there! Oh my!

I expected attention to how Hi starts off full of joyous anticipation of nicer days, and panel by panel Lois dismantles his elevated mood until the penultimate panel, where Hi is anticipating endless winter.

Then as they stand their, mired in existential misery, their baby, unnoticed and unattended, wanders off.

Great family strip.

Tue 2018 Mar 13

Tue 2018 Mar 13, 2:13am
On Lost Issues

Jay042 said, "I tend see the new Tick as kind of like Adam West's Batman stuck in the world of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies."

I thought the main character was played like Christopher Walken channeling Adam West. This is not either the old cartoon or the previous live-action series. Yes, it's more straight-up and "Dark Knighted," but the Tick remains the solid, true-blue :) hero we've always known. Gets many great lines.

Recently saw a Justice League Action (?or something) with Krypto and it kinda worked as not-corny or campy. This excellent team-up cover has the same feeling - it's not easy to make Superdog work. :)

Sun 2018 Mar 11

Sun 2018 Mar 11, 10:47am
On PoliNation

Well, to start with, big deal. The Simpsons predicted President Trump a decade and a half ago! :)

As to the fellow predicting Pres Trump - my tablet is dying and I have no sound so I can't watch the vid until I get to a real computer... so forgive me if this is covered, but.... but...

Is the video from six years ago? Or recent and he's saying he predicted it six years ago? Because saying, after something happened, that you predicted it... yeah, I do that all the time. (Best Jon Lovitz liar voice: "Yeah, I predicted Trump would win before he even announced. Yeah. That's right.") ;)

Best example of prediction on that race is still Ann Coulter, sitting there dead-panned after saying Trump would win, and all the folks laughing like that was the greatest joke...!

Also, I absolutely detest Daylight Saving Time. #NoDST

[Fixed Youtube URL missing last slash]

Sat 2018 Mar 10

Sat 2018 Mar 10, 6:27pm
On Will S.' Sunny Side Blog

I have dedicated an entire brain cell to memorizing this vital information. Thank you. How did I live without it???!!? :D

Sat 2018 Mar 10, 6:22pm
On PoliNation

“Disney’s $100 million gamble to turn the classic children’s book 'A Wrinkle in Time'…"

There was an adaptation years ago which I remember as being pretty close to the books. I have to dig my copy from the catacombs (it may be on some antiquated medium - probably zip drive or 8" floppy), but I think it was this 2010 movie on iMDB. If you can find it!

Enjoyed the book as a young teen, enjoyed reading it with Milady early in our days together, enjoyed reading the whole series with our kids. I'm blocking this remake out the way I did the Miracle on 34th Street remake with the Jurassic Park old guy (instead of the REAL Santa Claus of the original movie). They learned nothing from "Womyn Ghostbusters." And why would you mess with Meg, already one of greatest women heroes in literature?

I'm surprised to find there's some debate on the "Christian vs not" of Wrinkle in Time. But there is similar debate about Lord of the Rings and probably Narnia, so…

The heart of the first book, for me is, when one of the witches is transporting the kids, they reach a point where they can look back and see our world, along with other worlds, enveloped in a great shadow, but that from this new perspective, they can see that the shadow is a very small blot in proportion to the universe of light.

Because that's universal truth right there.

Thu 2018 Mar 8

Thu 2018 Mar 8, 3:01am
On PoliNation

I only read the intro paragraph so far, but before continuing to peruse this wondeful post, I pause to write:

Too much for a blower so he put in a whole new furnace? Well, maybe there were mitigating factors, but, this former landlord thinks that’s kind of overkill. Tugboat, eh? Yeah. Newer is always better. (HONK!)

I don’t know what we’ll do if/when our 25-yo Kenmore furnace ever decides to quit. Already have a problem with one of the four burners lighting infrequently.

Of course, we’re snug down here in NE OK, where we will touch freezing a few times in coming nights, and had about six snowflakes this winter, but mostly have sunny days and temperatures in the 60s and even 70s in the unpredictable future according to Intellicast.

Have I mentioned lately how glad Okie native I, and Chicago native Milady, are, that we aren’t living in Chicago?

Anyway, sending warm vibes to all in the north and east affected by those Russian Bot jetstream-generated nor’easter blizzards.

Wed 2018 Mar 7

Wed 2018 Mar 7, 3:51pm
On PoliNation

And as for Melania, I'm glad she knows how to dress nice (what a relief after eight years of upholstery dresses, boob belts, and flip-flops) - I don't really care how metallic and pointy her heels are - but I approve of any excuse to run another picture of her. ;)

Wed 2018 Mar 7, 3:49pm
On PoliNation

Maxine Waters demonstrates how psychological projection works with the lunatic left:

"...disoriented, ranting, angry, carrying on and paranoid... a dangerous thing for America...."

Yes, isn't she!

Wed 2018 Mar 7, 1:20am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Will: BoB, your readers are the best! (And not just because I am one of them.)

I concur. I've followed some bloggers' links from here, too. Good folk.

Wed 2018 Mar 7, 1:14am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

TheChattyIntrovert says: Oh heavens–and like that, my tension headache slipped away.

The amazing healing power of Bluebirdofbitternessessness.

Bong Recreation Area? It's where you end up when you make the wrong choice at College & Weed.

(Ironically, as I type this, the pic in the right-hand column is Bob's stepbrother Herbie (who really needs to quit smoking)

Wed 2018 Mar 7, 12:40am
On Stilton's Place

One highly enthusiastic slave - HAH!

Some additional witty comment goes here, but no.

Sun 2018 Mar 4

Sun 2018 Mar 4, 2:55pm
On PoliNation

Yay! It's a Pete Post.

Uh-oh. It's about Oscars (WIld and Grouch?)?

I may have to take this in small bites...

Sun 2018 Mar 4, 2:27am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

"They’re a million times cuter than the plastic-looking flats ones we have at home"

I kept trying to figure out what this meant, flat plastic-looking cats or dogs or... what?

OOOOOhhhhhh. Solar collectors. V8 forehead slap.

Our cats definitely know all the times and locations of household sunbeams.