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Tue 2018 Jan 23

Tue 2018 Jan 23, 10:53am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Either those are very large beans, or that's a very small man.

Cleverly done, though.

Mon 2018 Jan 22

Mon 2018 Jan 22, 10:00am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Heh- got so distracted by the cars themselves almost forgot to laugh at the crazy old ad copy.

Mon 2018 Jan 22, 9:57am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

What great cars! The fins! The grills! Bench seats! The ginormous interiors! I want a Wayfarer! Or an "all steel" Plymouth Suburban.

And 25¢/G gas to drive all that steel around.

I know our mechanic would rather work on one of those old buggies than the new cars. He had to almost take out the engine just to change a hose on our Nissan.

Another advantage of all those cars: They'll still run after an EMP!

Sun 2018 Jan 21

Sun 2018 Jan 21, 12:07pm
On PoliNation

I like your choice of music!

Oh, yeah. IIRC, the music was about the last thing added, and really brought the whole collage together.

Speaking of, this video was briefly flagged because someone said the music was theirs. I had to prove to YouTube that it was public domain U.S. Army Band!

(This kind of claim must happen frequently - I had another video flagged for music use, when the only music was me playing "Shave and a Haircut - Two Bits" tune.)

Sun 2018 Jan 21, 10:24am
On PoliNation

And, proving that the shutdown under Trump is, like, a brazillion times worse than the last one:
(h/t rhennigantx on AoS)

‘Dear Lord, the screams’: Writers tell the harrowing tale of DC after the shutdown

12:00am – Government shuts down
12:01am – Saying “Merry Christmas” is illegal again...

Sun 2018 Jan 21, 10:17am
On PoliNation

The video I did after that shutdown has earned more hits and was reposted more widely than almost any video I've ever done. I hope it's okay that I embed it here. Seems appropriate. (Title link is to my website page, listing sources.)

2013 Oct 13 Washington DC
The march of Truth cannot be halted

Sun 2018 Jan 21, 12:09am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

That cartoon of the kitteh at the pearly gates?

True little-known theological fact: Pets have their own entrance to the afterlife. Instead of St Peter, it's manned by… St Bernard.

Arf Arf Arf

Sat 2018 Jan 20

Sat 2018 Jan 20, 5:15pm
On PoliNation


What Would Jesus Charge


Sat 2018 Jan 20, 11:45am
On PoliNation

Okay, just wanted to be clear.

Communications via text can be tricky enough on most topics - trying to communicate clearly about tech is only a step or two of difficulty down from discussing religion! :D

(Ships BoB a big bag of round tuits I had left over. We can all use more, right?)

Fri 2018 Jan 19

Fri 2018 Jan 19, 5:40pm
On PoliNation

NPR anchor refers to "so-called" March for Life
(0:20 Wash Free Beacon, YouTube)
But called it "anti-abortion" without qualifiers.
On so-called public radio.

CNN cameras covered the @March_for_Life live today - why it matters to have the president of the United States speaking live for the event
— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) January 19, 2018

First time in 45 years, right? that CNN has bothered to cover these minor little gatherings…

Fri 2018 Jan 19, 12:00pm
On PoliNation

Okay, wait - the Read-More button (I think) only appears and works on the PN front page, you know. In case you were saying it would be nice to be able to have a post broken over several pages.

Fri 2018 Jan 19, 11:56am
On PoliNation

cth: If we had that feature on a button...

Not sure I'm following, but I have that buttton. I started a WP blog, mainly just to see how it worked. On the post-composing window, there's a toolbar and the last icon on it is “Insert Read More Tag” - at least on my blog.

Fri 2018 Jan 19, 11:35am
On PoliNation

Uh... hope this goes viral.

Another drop-out from the Win Friends and Influence People school of business.

Thu 2018 Jan 18

Thu 2018 Jan 18, 1:48pm
On PoliNation

Pete, You do nice work, and I actually prefer this long type of post to the post-plus-comments. This way lets your post be unified and the comments be responses. Something like that.

Just put a "Read More" tag after your introductory paragraphs and pix, so only that first part is shown on the main PoliNation front page. <!--more-->

(Should be an icon button for "Insert Read More Tag"?)

My buttinsky 2⊄ worth. :D

Thu 2018 Jan 18, 12:41pm
On Autodidact Log

Welcome to the blogosphere. May your autodidactic log educate others as well.

Moar posts!


Thu 2018 Jan 18, 12:28pm
On Other People's Stuff

When the kitty climbs on top of the pooch, I imagine her as a lion on a zebra in spirit - but thinking, like the dog that caught the car, now what do I do with it?

Kitten gets all the attention, but, let's face it, doggie tolerance is the big story here. :)

Thu 2018 Jan 18, 12:08pm
On PoliNation

She is on - no, she defines - the front line of the real war in heaven (and on earth) that's being fought for souls.

Annahita Parsan’s story is the stuff of a Hollywood movie.…

Well, maybe not Hollywood the Usual. Maybe those off-Hollywood Christian groups that produce such good fare. (Thinking of Saved by Grace and that movie about the girl who fell in the tree - Season of Miracles or something.)

Just can't see Meryl Streep as Parsan, fake-accenting “My life is completely different since coming to Jesus”!

Maybe Brian Dennehy as the Turkish prison. :?

Thu 2018 Jan 18, 11:46am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Rather than start with reading the news (real and #fake) as usual, I started my online day here with Bluebird. As befits the first warm morning in several days. And I'm happy, delighted, tickled, amused, and mood-elevated to have done so. :D

Wed 2018 Jan 17

Wed 2018 Jan 17, 1:04pm
On PoliNation

Times like these, when they’re relegated to comic relief, they can display a particular pathos born of desperation to be relevant. They will return to the throne one day, but until then they’re just fun to watch.

Dear Lord, No! Please let them stay "relegated to comic relief" from now on, until relegated to history's dustbin.

Wed 2018 Jan 17, 12:46pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

These all brought a :) but the somber funeral made me :lol: