Anything I Might Add Has Been Covered

Anything I might add has been covered; special kudos to Maet's remark on proper use of cusswords.

I have no use for Huckabee whatsoever, but Ace's article struck me as funny. Was Ace putting us on?

I wonder if you took the folks who, like me, think what Huckabee was quoted as saying, per se, is true and ordinary and straight out of my grandfather's rulebook and most of my neighbors would agree with him about business decorum, contrasted with those who, like Ace, pull their hair and think a Christian Theocracy is imminent because Huck noted this - would the two groups show a distinct regional disparity? But what do I know? I'm an old phart and still hold the door for the ladies.

But, the biggest problem is, children who never learned how to wield a cussword. Fortunately, I was taught while young, by a large rock thrown by my step-brother landing on my skull. Released my inner sailor. Said words I didn't even know I knew.