Appreciation for the Committee

Happy Easter back atcha, FenelonSpoke.

Just noticed my hash contains verboten phrase i-m-g, so when quoted back it comes out 7___O - never saw that one before.

Sharkman: ...the four Gospels are by a factor of 100, by far the most well-sourced and proven documents we have from ancient days.

I believe it. Having been raised on snippets of Gospel in church growing up, I was astonished, really, when I finally read them all through for myself at, I think, 19.

As I've said before, I had two reactions: one, Oh, now I get why folks have been so excited about this for all these centuries; and, two, Why didn't anybody tell me about this? Which is funny-ironic, what with my being raised going to church every Sunday, and here in the buckle of the Bible belt with Billy Graham and Oral Roberts on the teevee.

I've read some apocrypha, and that gave me a good appreciation for the committee that selected only M,M,L,& J for the final cut.

That we have these books at all is... kind of a miracle.