Betty Cooper, Who Pops Aderoll

Hola tambien.

Had some connection problems there for a while, but I appear to be back on.

Read up to #200, then skipped to current. What did I miss that's invaluable?

Betty Cooper, who pops Aderoll

Sure, they make the one clean, sweet, All-American girl the druggie, not the rich bich. *spits*

jewells45: ...They have to do a small bowel resection to remove appendix and polyp. I'm kind of freaked out over it.

Even minor surgery is a major concern. That said...

a) I've lived without an appendix for over half a century, and never missed it

b) you have plenty of extra colon (seems to be a wise design - two relatives have had some removed in recent years, and seem fine)

c) God bless you that removing the polyp is sufficient and you have no further problems