Brobdignagian Logistics

Whoa. Somebody's Grape-Nuts got soggy this morning.

What's amazing to me is how we (collective USA+) have been slammed with three, count them, three major weather disasters in a row, with poor little sea-level island Puerto Rico catching the worst of it, yet in each case we have seen all agencies, federal and private, moving in as soon as possible, and helping recover and rebuild. Long road ahead in all cases, but, a good start.

The whole "Trump isn't acting fast enough" meme is just as #fakenews as the rest. They couldn't really play it in Houston or Florida, but are trying to because of how totally PR got brutalized.

When you have to start by building an airport from scratch, and making roads where there just aren't any anymore, you know you've got Brobdignagian logistics, and more people, and more money, can at first be like assigning five guys to a shovel - doesn't help.

I will be extremely interested to see what the new Puerto Rico will be after this. Still a socialist state, 3/4ths on welfare, and a net loss to the USA of tens of billions a year, or, say, a better deal, Trump builds a golf course and hotel there to help the tourist economy and provide jobs and make Puerto Rico great. :D