Broke a tooth, broke a toe

Friday, lunch, chomped on a corn chip and realized the hard bit was a piece of tooth. A big chunk of a tooth the dentist had drilled & filled just days before.

That was annoying. Then I felt the broken tooth.

Discussions here have mentioned how one fellow can take several mortal hits and keep coming, while others with non-fatal wounds die from shock. I believe the latter. I felt that hole in my tooth and passed out from hard shock.

Took me a long time to wake up. When I did, finally, I realized I'd pissed myself, and even better in waking up I had flailed about and smashed a toe into my desk. Prob broken, prob lose the nail.

Pity the Mrs who had to watch me in all that.

Know why I'm so happy? 1. It didn't happen during Thanksgiving. 2. I live in the age of modern dentistry where I'll get maybe a nice crown that will last me the rest of my life. Can't imagine walking around with broken teeth like much of humanity historically probably has had to do.

Did this long one induce the next post, as usual?