Catching Up on PoliNation

Whhheeewwww! :D Started out yesterday afternoon to get caught up on PoliNation posts & comments I'd missed during a long period of "technical difficulties," real-life (offline) "distractions," and so on preventing my following most of my blogs & newsfeeds.

I can't say I read every word of every post and comment, nor watched every video, but I'm just now caught up on what I missed--over 100 posts and close to 200 comments since Oct 30. (Excepting a few posts after the election which I'd read & on which I commented.)

General observations:

I was reminded why I follow PoliNation. From the serious news to the silly stuff, it's informative and entertaining. Also reminded what a nice thing it is to have chrissy back in force!!

After reading all his grumbling & grousing leading up to the election, I've decided Pete's pessimism was required -- like Cubs fans who (before the Series) would not say anything positive and hopeful, lest it curse the outcome. Thanks, Pete, for ensuring the Clintons lost! ;)

Also, the posts & comments after the election -- just as elsewhere on the alternative media right -- were like the change from black-and-white Kansas to Technicolor Oz. Like a brilliant dawn after a long winter's night. Long, long, eight years' long winter night.

Keep up the great work, and, Pete, give 'em heck at the hospital and come back to us fired up and ready for more.