Conspiracies that backfire and plots that sicken


A mostly-unreadable LameCherry post that suggests the theory that Benghazi was supposed to be a kind of anti-Carteresque hostage rescue to boost Obama, and instead his cohorts decided to show O what they think of him. Not a lot to back the theory, but isn't it tragic it's all too believable!

Relatedly, a much more readable and well-documented suggestion at NiceDeb that "Innocence of Muslims Film was Made by Terrorists." Seems this alleged "Coptic" is long-time good buds with an Egyptian who "hated Copts with a passion and is well-known in the Middle East as a master schemer, probably one of the best the Middle East has produced [and who] also has multiple contacts with terror networks."

All tinfoil hat stuff, of course. And there are no American tanks in Bagdad.