Couldn't quit. Inspiring!

Just read, or mostly-read, 700 comments. Couldn't quit. Inspiring. Long time lurker first comment: wow.

Y'all made me think of every good thing I ever had, or have, or have experienced, who I've known, where I've lived, and the glorious risks, and the failures, which have a certain... thrill of their own.

Almost forty years with a woman who still puts up with me, sort-of, three grown kids who are all employed, sort-of, and still talk to the 'rents and each other, sort-of. Lots of bittersweet. All wrapped up together, stuff of this life, good and bad.

Last night, after following AoSHQ until the fat lady with the big belt sang, we then listened to the concession speech on the drive home. It was good. I could sleep, somehow.

Then, this morning, I awoke with my little fuzzy yellow special Charlie cat curled up next to me, head on my arm. And I had the thought, "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us." (Raised with that stuff, but not usually so formal in my, uh, internal life.)

So that was my mantra for the day. Troubles I have aplenty, current chaos and threat of more, and a seeming lack of wit to deal with it all. But, what comes will come, as always. I got dressed, fed the half-dozen cats and the good ol' dog and had coffee and the autumn sunrise spread bright horizontal light across the pastures. Mercy, Jesus, and Thanks Father. This'll do for now.