Critters v automobiles

Back in the day, on CompuServe religion forum, there were characters who, like some folks here, seemed out of place, too, um, enthusiastic, pushy, insistent about q particular belief - nuts to the point of banning. Then I'd see the same person in some technical forum and they seemed perfectly normal. I suppose we can all be like that, given the right circumstances.

The wife and I were on a two-lane several years ago, when a deer jump between our car and approaching car. Nowhere to turn, fortunately, it only clipped the front end of our car. With a little work, we could still get the door open, so we never fixed it. The deer was probably badly hurt, but ran off. But coming between two cars in the middle of the night on a two lane road, that was really scary.

I was a passenger asleep in the front seat in 1978, when we had a horse. When I woke up, my face was mangled, but fortunately, all that blood all over everything wasn't mine. At least most of it.

You were just driving down the road, everything seems fine... WHAM