Driving Us Crazy

Val offered a picture for captioning. This offering isn’t exactly my best work, but it came to mind so I did it.

At first I thought, leave this one alone, he’s just playing with the kids. Then I decided to give him a passenger and ‘shopped the kids out of the picture. The caption “Driving Us Crazy” came to mind (after “Driving the economy” and other variations). I tried (but failed) to match the film’s font.

ONLY AFTER it was posted did I have it pointed out to me that the obvious response to this is “That’s racist!” The racial aspect just didn’t occur to me. It’s not even right, because Tim should be driving Barry for a proper parallel. If I’d thought about the black guy driving the white, I would’ve used Pelosi instead of Geithner. Or that ol’ dragon from the press pool, even better. And I’d've given O a chauffer’s hat.

Whoops. Oh, well.