Dumb Driving

I'm doing a lot of driving this week, as we travel to The City for Mom's 97th Birthday party. Already logged 2hrs on the road today. This is a good warning to stay alert!

("The world needs more lerts," as some wag once quoth.)

The auto transport truck:
The driver presumably survived? Lucky, lucky. Looks like a LONG way down!

Egg delivery guy on the phone:
"Yeah, lost some eggs.
Well, several dozen...
several dozen cartons, that is..."

Yellow service truck in concrete:
I especially like the footprints. (Wasn't there something similar you posted not long ago, a bike on a sidewalk?)

The on-ramp to nowhere:
"I was just following my GPS, officer!"

Tumped-over (as we Okies say) load on top of car:
Looks like the load must've been about empty, 'cause that car isn't crushed!

UPS "random delivery" truck:
My car beeps at me when a door isn't closed properly. You'd think UPS trucks would be that smart!

Thanks for the dumb, BoB. As always.