Everybody's Spycams

»» Again, Glenn Reynolds has long been calling for
"Off" switches on cameras and microphones

Lens COVERS. A simple old-fash physical slide gate - would protect lenses, too, duh. Absence of these is not accidental, of course.

Must admit, when that hummingbird was hovering outside the window this morning, removing the tape was significantly delaying. Hope I have more time if serious cam need arises.

Physical mic cutoffs, not software. Yeah, I still wouldn't trust anything I couldn't open up and verify. Meanwhile, I think a simple 4-contact dummy plug may cut of the mic for now. Untested, but plugging in the stereo-with-mic headset does cut off the mic in the phone, so, theoretically.

Sunday, while changing the tape, I was cleaning the lens on the front cam. That main cam is impressive enough, but the front pinhole cam is amazing; terrifying. What used to be high tech superspy stuff is now in the hands of every perv and creep.