Getting From Here to There

BTW, the poster I linked to earlier, No One Predicts the Future, was one page out of a month-long series I did as part of my Daily Doodles series (which lasted a year).

Not exactly a book, but with our host's indulgence...

Transport Future - Getting from here to there - is the result of a lifelong interest in transport systems in general, and my past flirtations with - and later disenchantment with - ideas about automated and mass transport.

The Doodles series was, generally, packed into one-panel cartoons, and so some of the pages are kind-of cramped. I meant to, started to, re-format Transport Future into a somewhat more readable form, but there's a lot there and I didn't get very far... yet. Sommmeday...

So, you can read the series as-was, starting at the link below. Looking back, I'd say it took a few days to get its pace, but I think it's some of my better work, which may not be saying much - still seems interesting and funny to me. Maybe will to you, too.

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