Had to see if I was duplicating Vic with these

Had to see if I was duplicating Vic with these...

The other Benghazi victims - news is leaking out.
War News Updates Nov 15

Texas A&M law professor says it's time "to repeal and replace [the] Second Amendment" and advocates "redrafting the entire U.S. Constitution."
Breitbart Nov 15 http://bit.ly/18HAVvq

Holder described 3D printed plastic guns as "an extremely serious problem" and "a very wearisome threat to law enforcement." Said Holder: "We can't have guns in circulation that are not detectable by metal detectors."
[Yeah, we know what you're really after, Eric.]
Breitbart Nov 16 http://bit.ly/1d8TArI


The latest mindful vidwork, 21 more sec of your precious life could be spent laughing at TFG's soulless face.
Fine Print
Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you've checked all the details. Mr. Perfectcrease delivers the big lie. Mr. Carney delivers the rapid legalese.