Hat And Coat Hooks

Grey Fox: Speaking as someone who does where a hat as a regular thing, it is a real pain to remember to take it off where appropriate and carry it around. Lost a hat just the other day - I think I left in on the counter of a shop.

Hat and coat hooks. Used to be everywhere. Now you have to cram the hat down on the seat beside you.

My favorite was leaving my hat ('though I didn't know where) at a New Mexican restaurant in Tulsa. Months later, we went back, and there was my hat sitting on top of a big fake sagurro (sp? the ones that look like people with their arms out) cactus.

Just took a walk around the motel parking lot. Big Classic Cars gathering here. Old geezers all around, carefully wiping and dusting off their amazing vehicles. Beautiful machines. Really amazing Comet parked in front of my room (taking up three spaces so I had to park down a ways, but I'll grant him some slack).