How to Pull a Prank

Grunt: “Um,… because we was drunk?”

If I was at the desktop, I'd search my bookmarks for the story I read recently, from the home town when I was a yout'. Some local teens drove down to Texas and stole … I'm trying to remember what. Something like Sam Houston's tombstone, but not that. I could guess which ones of my older brothers' friends they were, but I don't know who did that particular bit of thievery. I know a guy who would know - heck, I suspect he was in on it, based on the M.O. Anyway, somehow, they tracked whatever it was down to the home town and it was returned. Intact and unharmed. On condition nobody was named or charged. (Which narrows the perps to a few of the upper-crust families.) That's how you pull a prank. A good one.

Busting up the dinosaur statue and dumping him - a scumbag move. They're scumbags, regardless of whether alcohol was involved.

I'd hoped for one of those deals where they move him around and photograph him and put it on the web. "Today, Dino is visiting Kansas...."