I always remember the case of the guy who, suddenly

Not only is that guy a SuperPerv, but seventy-fucking-two years old? What's up with that?
— model_1066

NB, I read no deeper than the headline on this case, but I'll come in with my 2¢....

I always remember the case of the guy who, suddenly, developed a sex craving for kids. Lost job, family, went to prison... where they found and removed the tumor in the self-control brain region. Tumor removed, his moral self-control returned. Years later, he starts getting his life back together when the nasty urges revive, and, yup, tumor has returned.

Did he harbor secret impulses that were released? Seemed rather to be just a pattern of thought introduced by crossed wiring.

Seems t'me, there is willful sin, and there are haywire brains. Not having read the article for details, I might guess, 73yo teacher suddenly whacking in the hall? Probably not so much willful.

Will, compulsion, and justice... not so easy to judge, so courts, and brain doctors, try to determine actual competency. We are relatively freewill children at our best, slaves to the machines we inhabit at worst. Thinkers made of meat and static — what could go wrong?

Any of us here ever acted, not just aberrantly, but completely out of character when, say, heavily under the influence? Nawww...