Just Wanted to Pass Along Our Love & Sympathy

SMFH : there are times that I ask God, "Why? Why would you bring this wonderful man into my life just to snatch him away?"

buzzion : Because God brought you into his life so he would finish it with joy and happiness and love.

SMFH : When does it stop hurting?

Flyboy : Never. It only subsides.

et al

They have said better what I would have liked to.

SMFH: I don't think I've commented before to you, but I have been reading, & relating to Milady, your comments about your life with Carl. Just wanted to pass along our love & sympathy. You seem to be the best of people, and God grant you such comfort as can be had.

We have all eternity ahead of us, God willing. This life is just the cradle. The future holds wonders. ♥