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SMFH : there are times that I ask God, "Why? Why would you bring this wonderful man into my life just to snatch him away?"

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Subjects: eternity, love

Lazarus. not Methuselah; right.

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Subjects: Doctor Who, eternity, Star Trek

Gran - always fun to see your comments.

Robert Brown (fought himself for eternity) -- without Ixquicking, I figure that's the Methuselah Trek TOS episode?

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Subjects: eternity, Star Trek
The Human (6)

Ultimately, each human faces a choice.

Cartoon added on 2013 Mar 11
Subjects: living faith, free will, eternity, service
Shivering in the graveyard

What if there is no hereafter?

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Time flies
Love's Lost and Found

Life is too short, even if you know you're going to live forever.

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: love, relationships, devotion, eternity