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*sigh* Last 1 sent autonomically. Should say link in nic. I think I'll go back to bed and try starting this day over.

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Subjects: salvation, seeking

A true Christian will not make a toxic cake.

A true Christian would not make an inferior cake.

A true Christian would render unto Caesar by making a good cake.

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Subjects: angels, devil, good, Progressives Playbook, salvation
Angel casting out rebels
Best of Spirits

Caught in the battlefield in a war for the very destiny of the world.

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This reminded me of something Ann Barnhardt wrote a while back about that "good shepherd" image, which I thought folks here might appreciate. It's unfortunate that Ann's site has no archive.

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Subjects: sheep, Good Shepherd, Jesus, salvation
Head Shop

Self-destructivity or creativity

Verse added on 2001 Oct 27
Subjects: addiction, abuse, affection, salvation
Shivering in the graveyard

What if there is no hereafter?

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Best of Spirits

When you finally give it all up, that's when you start to get it all

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: rebirth, rededication, restoration, salvation, faith, Spirit
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