Lazarus. not Methuselah; right

Lazarus. not Methuselah; right.

When SyFy channel replayed the original series with interviews that made them an hour and a half long, for that episode, Shatner introduced it by saying, "What would you do if you had all eternity? Would you this, would you that, would you watch every Trek episode ever made? It was kind of scary to realize the hours of my life that have been consumed with trick, even when I didn't get much past NextGen.

Our daughter isn't caught up on Doctor Who, speaking of wasted hours, so we've been barreling through watching the new ones. But we're not even up to the current Doctor yet, & I don't think we're going to make it by the 25th. Not that I care. The whole point of tape delay has always been to have the freedom to have our own schedules, not be bound by the broadcasters. Just have to avoid the spoilers.