Kid returns the car: quiz

Evening, warriors of the night.

Permit me to burst in with a quick quiz. For you folks with m/l grown kids or aspirations thereto.

Kid's car won't start in the cold, Dad can I borrow the truck? Too many days later, Dad gets the pickup back.

1. Radio is set on
a) my talk radio channel
b) my classical station
c) thump-rock station w volume cranked up

2. Vehicle is
a) washed & waxed outside, detailed inside
b) at least windows cleaned
c) winter-grimy and trash on the dash

3. Gas tank is
a) topped off & oil & tires are checked
b) at least half full
c) running on fumes

No peeking at the answers.

OTOH, this time the bumper did not have a strange new bend. This time the tailgate latch still worked. Count it as a plus.