Minuteman restaurants

"Roy Rogers still exists--there's a couple on the PA turnpike." -Conservative Crank

When I lived in Little Rock in '72-'73, there was a RR on the "strip." This made me remember another fast food place I sometimes at, the Minuteman. So I looked it up/


Links to The Encyclopedia of Ark. History & Culture. (Arkansas Culture... um... Let's all restrain ourselves here.)

Started in 1948 as a coffee shop, converted to a fast food chain, had up to 57 locations at its height, one place left in existence.

Had one of the first experimental "RadaRange" microwaves: "The most popular and publicized offering from these ovens was surely the Radar Deep Dish Pie, a sweet treat that many Arkansans remember for its tendency to burn the roof of one's mouth. Minute Man also sold 'real charcoal-broiled hamburgers' and offered a gourmet hamburger with a double full-sized meat patty and extras a full year before McDonald's debuted the Big Mac."

And their symbol was the Minuteman guy. I was still an ill-informed college kid then, but I liked that.

There ya go. Now I want a burger. Or a RB sandwich.

Good night, Gracies.