Mom's 92nd Independence Day

Four of my family of five spent the afternoon at my mom's, celebrating her 92nd Independence Day. The world she has seen! We had food, beer or wine, swiimming, and some sad noting of the deterioration of the nation.

We didn't turn any of our own cash into noise this year, but the best scene from last night was driving North from Tulsa about 9:30, across the broad prairie, for miles in all directions, fireworks blooming. Private little ones, spectacular big ones, but just all over, the whole drive home, continuously. Great show!

Noticed the casino on the highway wasn't doing fireworks this year, though. Figured out it took folks away from the gambling, probably.

Worst scene from last night was the beautiful tan German Shepherd racing down a main city street into oncoming traffic. Spooked by fireworks, certainly. We turned around, but he was gone. Sad relief. Don't know what we'd've done with a strange, scared full-grown German Shepherd in the middle of the city at night, with our own dog on board.

Morning, Glories!