Negative Attitude is Powerful Juju

Negative attitude is powerful juju. Let it burn. Constitution is meaningless. We have no party. Beware. Regressives thrive on negative attitude; it's their bread and butter.

I appreciate the sardonic expressions here because I tend to be optimistic (despite my life's innumerable lessons about that), so the cynicism and despair keep me grounded. Thanks, curmudgeons.

Nevertheless, I don't believe the country is finished. I don't believe the Republicans are irredeemable. I don't even think the main problem, the incredibly horrible electorate, is a lost cause... despite several hardcase Regressive relatives.

In fact, what I have seen is a true revival of Constitutionalism and republican reason. I meet the most ordinary citizens who are fired up. Breitbart is still here. We are not without fighters for the right. Some of them have even recently been elected. It's beginning. Too little too late? We can only continue to try and find out.

Reform starts small and slow and looks like its facing mountains that could never be moved after all those decades of Regressivism.

Shouldn't deter us.

My problem is, I have such faith in the power of the Ideals of liberty and self-government! Properly presented the attraction is almost universal. And I recall that a handful of apostles and evangelists, rejected and persecuted and crucified, went on to ultimately take over the Roman Empire, and their inheritors continue to reshape the world; that America itself was an extension of that Christian revolution.

So, I'm not giving up. Yet. Not entirely. Hell, I only regained my optimism in the last decade, thanks to the Allen Wests and Sarah Palins and Mark Levins. Too soon to despair again.

Of course, it's easier to think like this living where we mostly elect actual conservative Republicans. :/

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